I bought a google cardboard recently and have been trying out all the cardboard apps out there. This is the first time I am experiencing VR in some fashion and have to say it is really cool! I say in ‘some fashion’ because I don’t think this is real VR, it is more like 360 degree video/apps. From what I have read, the high end devices like Oculus Rift, Gear VR etc makes you feel like you are actually in the virtual world. Cardboard doesn’t give you that feel but nevertheless is really fun. It gives a glimpse of what the future looks like. They have a cardboard SDK too, can’t wait to try it out and build something!

My google cardboard

I tried out a few apps but these apps were what I enjoyed the most:

  1. Cardboard app: The official google cardboard app itself has some demos some of which are interesting to get an idea of what can be built.
  2. Vrse: This is a collection of 360 videos. There are a lot of videos, Jerry Seinfeld is worth the watch!
  3. Discovery VR: This is similar to Vrse with a collection of videos. Where Vrse is more artsy, Discovery VR is more outdoors/adventure videos.

To conclude, this $20 device/toy is totally worth it!